Our Office

Advanced Chiropractic Center mission statement

Our patients come to our office with a specific spinal condition, symptom (such as low back pain, neck pain, or other spinal condition) or just want pain relief. Many of our patients have made a choice to improve their overall health. Dr. Renee may have a solution for you. Chiropractic adjustments have helped woman through pregnancy and infants with colic get almost immediate relief. Chiropractic is a natural and safe treatment for spines of all ages.

At your first visit, Dr. Renee will do a full evaluation to determine if chiropractic is right for you. Her overall goal is to provide you a recommendation that is specific to your health condition. It’s your health, and our reputation.

You may be new to chiropractic or want to try a different approach--our office is always available for you to call and ask us questions. If you would like to check out what our patients are saying about us, go to the testimonials page. We appreciate the great things patients say about us and we look forward to being a part of your health care team.

Our office accepts auto accidents, worker’s compensation, personal injury and most health insurance plans, including Medicare. Since there are so many plans and coverage varies widely, our staff will verify and explain your benefits. If you have limited chiropractic coverage or no coverage at all, there is still a way for you to obtain the care that you need. Many of our patients choose flexible payment programs that work for them. They have discovered that chiropractic is cost-effective and affordable.