Success Stories

“I am grateful for the many benefits I receive by coming to see Dr. Renee, whom I consider to be a very skilled practitioner in her field. Some of these include: Chiropractic treatments that are gentle to the body, and at the same time very effective; affordable spinal decompression therapy; and her extensive knowledge of the use of essential oils, many of which I have used for a number of years. Thanks Dr. Renee!”

-Vicky R.

“I have been going to Dr. Renee for several years and have had very good results. She uses a pain-free method which is very different from my past chiropractic experience of manual manipulation. With monthly maintenance my back can stay pain free. Another very important aspect of Dr. Renee’s office is her “walk-ins welcome” policy. I don’t live in town and don’t always know when I’ll be there. I can walk right in and have no more than a couple minute wait, compared to a 30-45 minute wait at my last chiropractor. I recommend Dr. Renee to anyone!”

-Lori K.

“I moved to Kansas from the east coast where I was being treated by my chiropractor with the Ultralign system for my back and neck problems. I found Dr. Renee by looking for a chiropractor that used the Ultralign. As soon as I went to her, she called my previous chiropractor and talked to him about my treatment and then implemented a similar approach for me. Dr. Renee has been treating me on a regular maintenance program for some time now and I couldn’t feel better.
Dr. Renee is a super professional and caring person. I often miss my appointments due to work and I just go in as soon as I can and she always works me in. I am very satisfied that I was able to find such a competent person to work with me.

-Bob D.

“I am in my mid-sixties and two years ago my knee was so bad that every step was painful. The pain interfered with my rest; I wondered what my future would hold. Would I have to have surgery? Would I forever have pain? One day I mentioned my pain to a friend at work and she recommended Dr. Renee. I had my first appointment later that same day.
Two years have passed and I have not had surgery and I no longer have pain in my knee. Within a very few weeks the knee pain was gone. I have continued chiropractic care (as needed) with Dr. Renee and have also had improvements in my back and neck. The adjustments I receive at Advanced Chiropractic are painless. I am so excited about my improved health.

-Phyllis H.